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Questions are a burden to others; Answers a prison for one's self

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abnormal psychology, adobe, adobe illustrator, alan turing, androgyny, animation, anthropomorphism, arkady and boris strugatsky, atheism, bdsm, bisexuality, bokononism, boku-maru, boots, cartoons, casimir effect, chaos, china syndrome, comics, conspiracies, corsets, cults, daft punk, drawing, dune, dynabook, dystopia, eldar, electric light orchestra, elementary partical physics, entscheidungsproblem, evolution, fantasy, fellatio, feminism, fetish fashion, ff00ff, flash, furries, general s.l.a. marshall, graphic arts, gynocentrism, harry potter, higgs boson, hypnosis, iconoclasm, jethro tull, karass, kurt vonnegut jr., latex, led zeppelin, liberalism, libertine, literature, logical fallacies, markov chains, matriarchy, memeplexes, men against fire, metric system, mind control, minimax, misandry, mohorovičić discontinuity,, nanotechnology, neil stephenson, non-zero-sum, paranoia, parasomnia, parthenogenesis, perverse literurgy, pharmacopeia, pink floyd, post-feminism, post-male future, prickvixen, prickvixens, radicalism, richard dawkins, roadside picnic, robots, rococo, role playing games, role-playing, roleplaying, rubber, scifi, separatist feminism, sexy robots, skepticism, socialism, speculative fiction, spell check, steganography, technofetish, technological singularity, terraforming mars, third-wave feminism, transhumanism, universal heat death, utopia, valenzetti equation, video games, von neumann whitening, vorpal, warhammer, warhammer40k, web comics, xenofetish
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