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Today the supreme court ruled that, being people, corporations have the right to freedom of religion. The form this freedom takes, in this case, is that people who do not follow the owner's religion must not use their pay to buy anything the owner objects to. Hooray for freedom!

This is a baffling ruling, in which employers and employees are not viewed as citizens engaged in a contractual relationship, each one with the same intrinsic human dignity and right to protection under the law, but as superior and subordinate beings. The corporation's right to freedom of religion trumps any other concern of the employee.

The ruling is so broad it seems that it could soon be impossible to be employed by a corporation without joining the corporate cult. There are already many corporations that operate internally like a cult, and now they will be able to augment themselves with their own custom religions. With their own pet hierophants executives will be empowered to convert their entire companies to religious beliefs centered around amoral labor practices with the full endorsement of the US government. How long do you think it could take to find biblical arguments against overtime, paid vacation, the weekend?

The bible is full of support and helpful tips on managing slavery, and now every US employee is at the mercy of his employer. It may be the lucky ones who are currently working for an evangelical christian who only wants to determine what medical attention you are not worthy of.

Date: 2014-07-07 05:22 am (UTC)
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Well. That sounds pretty startling.

Date: 2014-07-07 08:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ff00ff.livejournal.com
My concerns in this post are all essentially a slippery slope argument. Today hobby lobby doesn't have to provide health insurance coverage for contraceptives, tomorrow, etc.

Of course slippery slopes don't always work that way. Still the majority opinion was written in a ridiculously broad way, with a one offhand cluase, completely unsupported by any reasoning that--as if Alito realized how crazy he was sounding--says that this ruling only applies to the religious freedom of employers who don't want to pay for contraceptive health coverage. The opinion also seems to invite other religious objectors to laws to come to the supreme court to have the judges determine if their religious practice is cool enough to get legal exemptions.

Immediately after this decision by the supreme court, a group of pro-Obama churches petitioned the white-house to reverse an executive action that forbids government contracts from being awarded to organizations that practice sexual orientation based discrimination. The implication being that if he doesn't repeal it willingly it seems the supreme court will be happy to institutionalize the religious right's right to hate on gays, a view the court seems to be supporting with this recent decision.

So, like, the slippery slope argument isn't always a valid one, step one doesn't always lead to subsequent steps, but this slope seems particularly slippery to me. Also, hobby lobby, the company that won in this case does cover vasectomies under its health plan, as well as erectile dysfunction pills. So like, fuck the court for taking these hypocrites seriously.

Also, the minority opinion, authored by Ruth Bader Ginsburg once again confirms that notorious RBG rocks.


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